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T-minus seven days...

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How is it Monday already, and moreover, how is it March already? Well, this week, we are doing a countdown of sorts. We are counting down something special which we hope to reveal next week but fizzybunting is counting down to your wedding day. 

We are doing a T-minus seven days kinda thing, so it can help you count down those all important last moments. It's super simple but do you really need something complicated in the days leading up to the 'I dos'? So here we go...

Seven days before...

  • Get your pens out - Consider pre-writing your thank you cards. How can you do this you ask? Well sure you want to personalise each one with a mention to the gift they bought you but you can write names, address envelopes and stick on the stamps! Trust me it saves a whole heap of time in the days after your wedding day, ones that could be better spent if you know what I mean!
  • Finish those DIY's - By now these should mostly be done but you may have a few bits left to do. If you haven't started, don't start now but if you're 90% there, keep going in these last few days. Next make sure you pack them away safely and arrange for everything to be transported to the venue.
  • Confirm times - Ring your suppliers and just do a final check. Of course if you have a wedding planner you can call them with any worries but if it's down to you, just email, ring or text them and confirm times, deliveries and anything else left.
  • Finish your order of service cards - You should know how things are gonna roll on the day by now so get those printed and assembled. 
  • Get a spa treatment - I would recommend having one with ample time before the day itself so that if anything goes wrong, you get a breakout or a rash etc, you have enough time to fix it. 

Tomorrow we are talking a few days to go and what you should be doing/thinking about, check back for T-minus a few days!

Charlotte x 

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Dreaming of summer...

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It's Friday - yay! As much as I love winter, this one seems to be particularly cold and lasting a rather long time. What with the snow and grey skies we've had this week, I find myself yearning for summer and a palette of yellows. Here's a little something to swoon over whilst we wait for those long summer days...

Charlotte x

How do I cut my guest list?

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cut my guest list

We had a bride reach out to us with this question not so long ago...

Our wedding budget has us looking at inviting around 140 guests, but both of our parents want to invite people they know (we have vague recollections growing up with these people) plus by the time we've written everyone down we would love to invite, our list is topping 200! How do we cut it without feeling bad?

Answer - well, you usually find that when parents offer you money towards your wedding day that there are sometimes a stipulation or two on who gets an invite. I know one couple who had a huge amount of money given to them but ended up with a wedding full of their parents' friends whom they didn't know. 

Presuming that's the case, being honest is the key here. Tell both sets of parents that you appreciate the money, but you want a day where you are surrounded by the people you know and love, not a room full of guests you don't know. It may be hard for them to here but it's your wedding day, not theirs.

Create two lists. An 'A' list (family, closest friends) and a 'B' list(work colleagues, long lost relatives that appear when the word invite is mentioned). A listers should be there no matter what, but the B listers are the ones to whittle down.

Now go through your B list and ask yourself who you would take with you to a relatively expensive restaurant and then foot the bill. 

Everyone likes a free meal or the chance to socialise outside of work and your wedding day is not the time to take advantage. Leave off the colleagues that are in it for the food and forget about the second cousin first removed. You won't miss them at all. 

Doing these few things should but your list by about 25-30%, enough to get your totals down. Finally, don't feel pressured to invite people just because you were invited to their weddings. It's your day, your way.

Charlotte x

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