Wedding trends that will last a lifetime...

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They say the best trends never leave us. I had a few interviews after winning the award for 'Best Newcomer' at the Wedding Blog Awards and a question I was asked was whats my least favourite trend. Once upon a time not so long ago, I thought it was vintage. I had my huge collection of vintage china and set up many a beautiful wedding. But in the last year I had seen it done one too many times. The trend is still with us but I feel it's fading. 

So what are the trends that stay with us? 

Personalising our wedding day will always be with us. We should make our wedding day about us, what we love and omit what we don't. If we don't like a chair sash or a mirrored fish bowl (I loathe them) then we don't have to have them. Infuse your personalty into your day and your guests will get it, it's the best way to connect with your guests.

DIY is a trend that will last forever, and it doesn't mean making hundreds of metres of bunting. It's anything you make yourself, figures. So if you're a graphic designer then make your own stationary. If you're husband is an amazing florist, get him to make the flowers. Use your skills and get DIY-ing. You don't need to do everything, you may even want to leave it to the pros altogether, but it's a trend that's going nowhere. 

Don't let the trend of trends take over you. If you don't like luxe, whimsical or vintage don't do it. If you do like punk chic then go for it. Never let the trend of trends overwhelm you. If you don't want to toss the bouquet, wear a garter or have a three-tiered cake then don't!

Lastly, be you. It's the best trend that I hope stays around forever. Never be afraid to stick with your decisions, marry where you want and marry who you love, regardless of the obstacles.

Charlotte x 

Image Rebekah Westover Photography via Style Me Pretty

The humble Mason Jar and our favourite ways to reuse them...

Weddingcharlotte twells

Ah the mason jar. Loved the world over and a staple item on our wedding day. And now you have twenty sad little jars left over from your wedding day celebrations, so what should you do with them?

With the festive season looming, it's fair to say they can come in pretty handy with an array of christmas spices yearning for a better looking home.

Here are our favourite ways to reuse your mason jar stash...

Keep your bathroom goods tidy.

Make yourself a light display.

Fill with paint and show off your blooms.

Keep your kitchen tidy.

Make a cocktail shaker.

Use as a glass.

Serve your birthday cake in one! 

It's a perfect salad holder.

Is there such thing as envelope etiquette?

Weddingcharlotte twells
Wedding Envelopes

I have to be honest with you, I'm not a massive fan of fuss. For me, the cliché rings true. You should have a wedding that is you, your personalities, your loves and not feel stressed in the meantime. That being said, I still know my stuff. And addressing your invites the formal way requires a little forward thinking.

Yes you could just address the envelope, stick a stamp on it and then bung it in the post, but if your invite doesn't live up to expectation, guests might not be that keen to attend! 

Here are our top tips on addressing your invites...

  1. Always write out everyones FULL name, don't use initials or their nickname.
  2. Any guest titles should be written in full. Doctor, Reverend or any military positions should be titled accordingly.
  3. However you can abbreviate Mr & Mrs.
  4. If the couple you are sending the invite to are married, keep their names together on the same line. If they aren't married, you can put their names on separate lines, in an order of your choice. 
  5. Write the address in full.
  6. Spell out any abbreviations such as avenue, street or apartment.
  7. Don't use symbols like &. It takes two seconds to write it instead.
  8. Include a return envelope and stamp it at your expense. 
  9. Children over the age of 18 should be addressed separately.
  10. Children under 18 can be written out under their parents names'.
  11. Make it clear on the invite who is invited. Do not put Mrs Smith and family, they could end up bringing their nan, how are they to know?
  12. If your guest has a 'plus one', try and find out their name and address as such.

Think about how you would feel receiving an invite to a wedding, would you prefer your kids to be named, your 'plus one' to be acknowledged or your Doctorate to be included? Yes? Then remember this for your own.

Charlotte x

Image Vue Photography via Ruffled