planning your wedding day the oh so simple way

Where do you look for your bridal inspiration?

Weddingcharlotte twells
Wedding inspiration

Wedding blogs, magazines and the Internet are the obvious choices for finding great ideas and are often great sources of inspiration.

Wedding blogs...are completely free to look at, are usually updated daily with recent weddings and a list of suppliers that have been used in each wedding so you can contact them for yourself.

Think about the style of wedding you want before you go looking at blogs. Each wedding blog has a theme/style that they cater for. There are specific blogs that cater for the DIY bride, alternative rock chick bride, whimsical bride, ones for festival style ladies and many more.

Here are a few things to think about when looking at a wedding blog...

  • Why do you like/love that blog?
  • What does it offer you in terms of help?
  • Can you source any suppliers through the blog? 
  • Would you source your suppliers through a blog? 

Now onto the wedding magazines – again each magazine has a target audience with price usually being the factor. There are both monthly and bi-monthly magazines available to suit each budget and style.

Pinterest – be specific when you search for the best results. Think of it like a scrapbook - yet it's online and all in one safe place. 

Instagram – search for the suppliers you like and check out their work/portfolios.

Twitter – use like Instagram.
Finally, we look at the bridal shows and wedding fairs – they can be overwhelming with so much on offer so have an idea of what you want to look at before you go.

Go to a wedding fair if you need inspiration, vendors, or you're inquisitive about the venue it's being held at. I would never recommend signing up or paying for something huge like your caterer or photographer at a wedding fair, it is something that should take time, not agreed to upon a vendor thrusting an 'unbelievable offer' in your face. Good suppliers won't do this; they want you to choose them in your own time. You can however buy that tiara you've been looking for if you find it, as long as you can take it way with you on the day.

Don't go to a bridal show if you've already booked your suppliers, or to try and win something. Free things only go so far - as they say, nothing is really 'free'.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when attending a wedding fair...

... Take along whoever is helping the most in your wedding planning, be it your best friend, your wedding planner (yes they can come with you) your mum, future mother-in-law, maybe your fiancé, whoever it is. Don’t bring the whole family.

... Get inspired! Take photos (but ask the supplier first), take leaflets, taste free samples but leave it there. Always go to their websites when you get home and take your time to look them up, check out references, past clients and happy reviews.

... If your supplier has some sort of photo album out on display, have a look through, that's what it's there for, don’t be afraid. You will know if they’re the right fit for you from the pictures, but get a feel for the person behind the business too, they may be able to help you out. Talk to them, engage. You must like the supplier or you'll just be wasting your time.

... When you get home, you will have a lot to go through. Your goodie bag could be filled with samples, business cards and leaflets - anything to entice you to book. Go through it all straight away and throw away any bits you know you don't need or will not be following up.

...If you find a supplier you want to book, give it a few days to contact them. They will be grateful for allowing them a day or so to get back to speed after the wedding fair and their response time should be minimal. 

Charlotte x

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There are NO rules...

Weddingcharlotte twells
wedding planning

So you've got your Pinterest board full of secret pins, more magazines than you care to mention and a scrapbook bursting with cutouts. Now what?

Here's where we come in. Planning your wedding can take in excess of 150+ hours and who has that kind of spare time on their hands?  The thing is, nobody tells you that it doesn't have to be mega complicated. 

We've found that once you're actually married, many brides say that they overcomplicated it on their own, that it didn't need stressing over half as much and that it really is only one day. These golden pieces of advice are really all that matters...

  • Planning a wedding is as difficult or as complicated as you want it to be

  • There are NO rules about how your wedding day should happen, traditional weddings are still popular but at the end of the day it's up to you

  • It's all a big juggling act so the more help you can get the better - keeping on top of that help is a must before that turns into a problem too!

  • Delegation to the people you can trust is key

  • You will use skills that you already have - confidence, trust, keeping calm etc

  • And you will learn new skills along the way - negotiation, leadership, improved confidence etc

  • You may cry, it's natural. It's such an overwhelming time and things will get on top of you! (it doesn't have to with these tips though)

  • You could change your mind a thousand times but keeping a level head is a must, Knowing what you want before you dish the cheques out is crucial.

  • Everything appears to be more complicated than it is, it usually isn't.

Charlotte x

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Enjoy your wedding day, it's what you've planned for...

Weddingcharlotte twells
Wedding planning

Whatever wedding you choose to have, being on the ball (with everything from planning to on the day) helps immensely. As the day creeps up on you, you'll find many people offering to give you their advice and one piece that crops up time and time again is people saying "don't forget to enjoy it!".

It's all too easy to get swamped with the decor details, but it's usually the things guests remember the least, provide good food (and drink), a running order and good entertainment and you're on to a winner. Apart from that, don't stress the small stuff. 

When the day does finally come around, try not to get too overwhelmed, it's natural to feel nervous but a good breakfast will set you up for anything.

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your wedding day, these fairly simple hints can soon turn into major disasters if you don't take heed...

  • HAVE BREAKFAST and eat well in the week before your wedding - fainting during the ceremony because you haven't eaten in a few days isn't something you're going to want to do.
  • Take the labels off your clothes and shoes - don't do this on the day, yes it should only take two minutes but if you scratch or cut through something at least you have the time to sort it out.
  • Make sure you've actually had a wedding hair and makeup trial and you're happy and content with the style you've chosen.
  • Get a shirt ready for having your hair and makeup done in - self explanatory but you don't want to mucky up your wedding dress.
  • If you're the bride, get dressed first and get help. Get bridesmaids and friends to help each other and any small children taking part. 
  • Get a maid to check on the flower deliveries.
  • Get married and enjoy it.

These aren't ground breaking tips, they are super simple but done wrongly could turn into a set of problems much bigger than they needed to be. If in doubt, get help, you should have more than many friends willing to help.

Charlotte x

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