It's getting closer!!!

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Wedding timeline

As the traditional wedding season comes to a close, there are still many brides patiently waiting for their day to arrive. If your wedding happens to take place within the next month then this post is for you! 

Here's eight things you need to know before your wedding day...

1. A timeline given to key people in your wedding day is a pretty cool tool to have. Our wedding timeline post should help :)

2. Things will go wrong, the sooner you realise the better and by planning for all eventualities you're safeguarding your day.

3. Keep friends/family and everyone in the know. A great way to do that is to place a chalkboard at the entrance with an order of the day. 

4. Put the seating plan in an easy to access place - trouble brews when guests don't know where they're sitting.

5. Get everything done with a minimum of two weeks to go, you can enjoy the final days without dreaming about DIY.

6. Make sure everything is paid off before the day. You don't want to be clearing invoices in the days after your wedding or on your honeymoon.

7. Pack your wedding night bag in the final few days, don't do it on the morning of the wedding! 

8. And finally, remember a wedding is for life. What comes after the wedding is what matters most.

Charlotte x

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Compiling your wedding day guest list...

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Cake table plan

Your wedding guest list is nothing short of a minefield. What with capacity maximums, your budget and actually inviting who you want to your wedding day, it can be hard to negotiate the guest list without hurting someone.

Not many of us think about the number of guests we will seat at each table when deciding on our list but it;s something to remember when deciding. Round tables are typically in numbers of 8, 10 or 12 and each one will need decorating with your theme - it's just something to remember if you're looking to save on costs. 

So how do you begin compiling your wedding list? 

Start off by looking at your budget and then separate off the 'food/drink' portion. Then roughly pen a list of people (friends,family,colleagues etc) you want to invite and divide up your food/drink budget by this number. Example £7500 foodie budget divided by 80 guests = £93.75 per person. I once heard someone say if you wouldn't spend this amount on taking them out for dinner then you shouldn't invite them to the daytime part of your wedding. Not sure what I think of it but it's worth thinking about. 

Now make sure your venue allows the amount you're looking to invite, it would be really disappointing to have your heart set on a venue, book it and then find out you can't invite everyone you want.

Next create your very own A list and B list. The 'A's' simply must be invited and fit comfortably in the allocated number. Now you can consider your 'B' list attendees and how many of them you want to invite. Do not under any circumstances share this list with anyone other than your fiancé - it would potentially hurt people should it get out into the public domain. 

Now there will always be people who are technically family but you haven't seen them for 20 or so years. It's perfectly ok not to invite them, they don't have an automatic right to attend your wedding based on being related by blood. If your parents are forking out a portion of your budget they may want to dictate the guest list. Gently explain that although you appreciate the offer of financial assistance, you will want to have the people you choose at your wedding.

A guest list shouldn't take days, it should feel natural. Invite the people you would love to spend money on and would be happy to celebrate your love together.


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Have you got it all under control?

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So here you are, engaged and armed with magazines, mood boards and the world wide web, you've got it all under control - or so you think. Have you ever questioned your need to hire a wedding planner? Time and money are the biggest expenditures when planning a wedding and you can save on both, and a wedding planer can help with both. Here are eight telltale signs that you might need a wedding planner…

  • You both work full time, when and where will you find the time to plan a wedding that takes on average 250+ hours to plan?
  • You're planning a wedding 1000+ miles away from where you live. Will you be driving/flying/swimming to the location every weekend?
  • You have no idea how to budget/pay/delegate or plan a wedding & you don't feel confident in doing so.
  • You are relying on many other people/friends to plan your day and nobody knows what's what.
  • You don't have the first clue how to design and execute a wedding 
  • You feel like it's taking over your life and it's making you ill.
  • You've fallen behind with the planning and it's getting ever closer!
  • You just don't want to! 

As with all lists, you can add your own worries to the mix but we've tried to think of the most common reasons we've heard from brides choosing a wedding planner. A planner allows you to enjoy your engagement without worry, free from stress - it is what they're paid to sort out! 

Charlotte x

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